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Posted: 25 Apr 2018, 15:53
by teodor

Sorry for talking in English, I am still don't speek Dutch well (already working 3 years in the Netherlands, I still have the language in my TODO list).
Also sorry to start the topic again, I saw some discussions about this website (shop?) but there are still some things that are unclear for me.

I placed a quite big order (as for amateur) this week, mostly Duran glassware. I had no response except an automatic one. I tried contact them with the chat on the website but it seams nobody are there. Then I looked and ... 7267945b1d, then reread their terms & services (it seams no any buyer protection was declared) and I've got a conclusion that I was just fooled.

Next day I've found that there is a possibility that actually it is a real shop because somebody mentioned it here. Also, there are some google reviews but last positive review was not later than 1 year ago.

Have anybody some information what is happened to this shop?

I was working with different type of shops and know that there are situations when actually some good guys do some few things wrong (like customer support) but they are still responsible suppliers and I try to support them anyway. And here I am just puzzled. The site is looking very practical and comprehensive but the reviews (at least for the last year) are not.

Could it be the case this company just changed the owner?

I think it is not so big problem to return the money through PayPal if there will be no response from Hinmeijer. But I see so little shops targeting amateurs that I want just support them if they really work and I can buy 80% of what I need in a single place.

So, I just try to understand what happened to this shop last year (all past reviews are "they do not deliver" actually) and I believe here somebody really could have experience with them.

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Posted: 26 Apr 2018, 18:38
by MrMario
I have bought from them twice with success, they are legit and have good quality stuff. Would try to contact them again.

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Posted: 28 Apr 2018, 20:34
by woelen
Half a year ago I purchased two chemicals from them. I received these 9 days later.
One month ago, I again ordered two chemicals, one of them the same. Still did not receive these, but I received an explanation that only one of these chemicals already is delivered to them, they are waiting for the other one.

They changed their website. They have, which only contains chemicals and equipment, which are sold to private persons. Still, their range is quite large, only really toxic stuff and compounds which are regulated by law (e.g. nitric acid, KClO3, KClO4 and other explosives precursors) are not on their list. For companies there is, which has the same range and prices as plus some extra stuff, which can be purchased by companies, but not by private persons.

Just try to contact them again. The company is run by just one person, but using email you should get a response.

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Posted: 01 May 2018, 13:13
by teodor
Oh, thanks for the information. Yes, I found many websites of the same company. There is also the same company.

So, you say it really works. That means that google reviews are irrelevant for the cases like that - good to know that we can't believe them much.

I started to try other suppliers meantime, I have a registered company, so I try to connect other suppliers as a company.
And it seams that fast delivery is a global problem for many suppliers. I just wondering how laboratories can do experiments smoothly if for some parts they must wait 2-4 weeks. Nothing like "vandaag besteld, morgen in huis".

And I can compare because I have one more hobby - amateur astronomy. May be last years I spent more times with that than with chemistry, but actually I know several shops in BE, DE and UK where I can buy optical components and get them delivered the same week in a house. I doubt that amateur astronomy is a bigger market that chemistry. So, I am a bit surprised how much is the difference in shopping.

By the way, woelen, I enjoy your site.

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Posted: 02 May 2018, 16:55
by woelen
Today I received a message from DPD, with a tracking link, telling that a parcel is offered to them to be shipped to my address . . .
So, Hinmeijer/Dulova definitely is a legit business. I now have ordered two times recently and both times it is OK.

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Posted: 03 May 2018, 10:55
by teodor
OK, possible I will return to them if other supplier will fail. I've got PayPal payment return yesterday from them without any message and any try to contact me (either by email or phone). So, it didn't work for me (and may be it was my fault because I didn't recall them after placing the order - possible I just had high expectations).

I any case, thanks for your comments. They can serve needs of others who will be puzzled by public reviews.